Thursday, March 14, 2013

Well, Hello There

I do believe it's time to get this blog thing up and running.

My name is Courtney Lei. I'm of 17 years of age but I think I'll forever be 10 in my mind. I live in a small but decent town in Alabama that is full of, might I say, interesting people. I am a lover of animals. I have three, 3 mice, and a beta fish. Some may say that I love them a bit to much but who cares. I enjoy doing some sort of art on my free time. Many people tell me that I'm a wonderful artist, but I'm still learning to believe that I really am.

I'm terrible at describing myself, maybe because I'm still finding things about myself. For instance I'm not quite sure what my favorite food is, I have no idea if I like the ocean, or just the beautiful creatures that inhabit it. For the most part, I have no idea who I am but I have a wonderful boyfriend that is helping me figure out everything. But the things I'm sure of, I hold tightly to with a great passion. Yes, I am opinionated, but you will never see my faith in something waver when push comes to shove.

My wonderful boyfriend and me.
Who knows, anything could happen and maybe this blog will help me figure some things out.



  1. You are beautiful and wonderful and a great friend!

    1. Awhh. I miss you! I'm ready to go back to journalism everyday.