Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Four letters.

The word LOVE has suddenly become so cliche in the life of a teenager. So often you can hear the simple word reverberate through the off-white walls in the florescent lit hallways of the ever so boring place called high school. Girls collapsing because her boyfriend just sent her a text message that tells her "we need to talk". "He was the one!" she screams. But just last week she was holding hand with a different boy. Who really knows when the puppy love of high school is really true something that will last? Does it have to start with a grand gesture? Or maybe something simple like a red dress and a tray of brownies?

Is there really any way to gauge how long a relationship last or is it all a game of chance? Are you tying yourself to a spinning wheel and letting the other person toss the knifes, hoping and praying that their coordination is intact, just closing your eyes and trusting that their knife won't pierce your heart.
Yeah, its true. He elbowed me in the ear
on the day he asked me out.
Smooth move (:
My answer: You can't plan when it comes to love. If you write a play in your head of what it's going to be like you're always going to be let down. Life, love and people are unpredictable, and that's okay. Unpredictable leads to surprises, good and bad. While you may hate the bad parts of life, remember, without difficult days how would you ever learn to appreciate the good days. Little things are the ones that make everything so special. Like when the boy you like rides a roller coaster with you and you're both so mind numbingly nervous because you've no idea what to say, and while he may elbow you in the ear on accident it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll never forget that day.
But then again, how do you KNOW when it's real. Is it when you feel comfortable with the person?When the person who never lets anyone see her without makeup will spend the day with her boyfriend in pajamas and chap-stick? Are you truly in love when you start to become fearless? When you feel like you can concur the world, but only with them by your side?
Here's that only thing I know for damn sure: I have absolutely no idea when it's real, true love. Like I said before, it's unpredictable. When you start to feel blind just grab your cane and keep on walking, because even though its uber-chiche, love is blind. You're never going to be able to plan exactly what's going to happen. Just learn to except the fact and practice walking with your eyes closed. Be prepared when you fall and scrape your knees, and if your lucky, you'll have someone there who will help you up, pat off your bum, kiss your boo boos and push you forward.
Happy travels.


  1. A word that has been raging in my mind too. In the eskimo language there are 32 ways to say love. Isn't it weird that we limit ourselves to one word in english?
    But in the end as you say yourself, it all depends on how one feel. I guess no one can really explain what it is.

    Lovely blog you have, keep writing!

    1. That really speaks to me, i love hearing and learning about different people in other cultures point of view. I love your photography, God speed.

  2. you had me hanging on your every word! When my boyfriend and i first got together i was a very nervous person and thought about every little detail about us and what other people might think of our relationship, whether it is really love, if we will be together forever and get married in the future. I over-analyzed everything and had to learn the hard way that things dont always happen like the movies. Looking back i wouldnt change a thing about us. He has taught me soo much and he tells me that i have also impacted on his life greatly as well. Who knows what the future brings, i can only hope that we both chase our dreams and live passionately because life is too short for anything else!

    P.s. i think you are a really captivating writer!!