Sunday, April 14, 2013

Laughter is the only drug I need

When you're in highschool there's usually one thing that you always hear about. No, it isn't the work that's due the next day. It's who's doing what drug.
In my small town there are very few things that are available to do without driving almost an hour away, and because of that most of the teenagers have turned to drugs. While I don't exactly agree with it, I've smoked here and there, but I never found it very appealing. Most of the time I did it so I could escape for just a moment. But then I sat down and thought about it. Why did I stop? Because I became someone completely different. I wasn't a terrible person, I just wasn't me.
Since I've stopped I've been so happy. I've found a wonderful man, my grades have improved and I've gained so many friends. But some of my friends are still into it. For example, last night my boyfriend calls me and told me what was happening to one of our friends. He had taken around 10 pills, no one is really sure. But he spent all night in the bathroom, puking, and when he finished he couldn't even stand up. He gets everything from his girlfriend who also doesn't like it but says she does it to make him happy.
We're all going to get together and talk to them soon, hopefully to make them realize what is really happening.
Maybe everyone will realize whats going on. 

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