Monday, May 13, 2013

An apology to those who deserve it.

With only a week left of my junior year of high school I can feel the anxiety setting in, slowly but surely. My hands shake, and when I'm confronted with why i use the ever-so-popular "Oh, I just didn't eat breakfast this morning and my blood sugar is low."
And to top it off, I've lost the person I considered my "best friend" for the majority of my life, and still I have no one to run to. I'm everyone else's lifeline, but where is mine when I need it? Wheres my giant net under the tight rope? I know exactly where, under everyone else's feet while they're safely sitting on their rope taking a breather. "Go forward! It only gets easier." I scream to everyone while my arms are flailing about trying to regain my balance.

Right now, the only person I can depend on is me. I have to encourage myself to move forward and not let the girl with the non existent confidence push me down. I'm better than that, better than her. Better than her boyfriend who tries to ruin my life.

I'm sorry me. I apologize for letting things come before myself. If people want to talk, let them. Just know, in your hardest times you will alway be ten times the person they will ever be at their best. 

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